About me

14205990_504818816374459_697275322134924075_oWho am I?

Hello! My name is Ramona and I am 26 years old. To be honest, I believe describing yourself could very well be one of the most difficult things one can do. Therefore, I will point out a few of the things that make me who I am. So:
– I am an energetic person, full of life and one who loves people and nature;
– I loathe lies and fake people;
– I am a volunteer at Rotaract Club Iași Copou and Liga Studenților Economiști alumni;
– I care a great deal about all things concerning education;
– I read books from which I can learn and make changes adapt in my own life;
– I am a beginner entrepreneur, so whish me luck
– I cook and go shopping in my spare time;
– I love pasta and food, in general
– I love sweets, but now I am in a full attempt to give up sugar, so I focus my attention on raw vegan sweets.

What do I most wish for?

I want to see you happy, to see attitude, to see you dressed stylish. I want you to believe in yourself, to see you love yourself, and therefore you to be at peace with yourself and what you are. With the help of my project of mine, very dear to me since it represents me as a person and describes the way I perceive life, I want to share my vision of the woman with attitude, who knows how to dress and have her own style, just as I managed to get rid of some problems by embracing a healthy lifestyle, how I managed to get rid of facial skin problems, what activities and events I attend in order to develop personally, as well as professionally and many other tips which may prove helpful to you. Furthermore, I will promote the woman with attitude, the one who knows how to enjoy little things in life and who knows how to be a WOMAN.

I wish us to learn together, to help each other and to develop beautifully together. Change comes from us and we are what we desire to be. I desire to be happy, to enjoy what I do on a daily basis and what surrounds me. What do you desire?

Hugs and kisses!