The coat: How to add it to the summer outfits?

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June 16, 2017
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The coat is, in my opinion, a garment which should not be missing from the wardrobe of any woman. Beside the fact that it can be used in many different ways, it goes well with plenty of combinations and with any style. It can be worn during the day or in the evening as casual-chic, elegant or boeme.

And because I always encourage you to make smart investments, you will surely not fail with a coat. Also, you can wear it during all 4 seasons and it doesn’t go out of style that fast, at least the classic ones won’t. Therefore, you got yourself covered for a few years if it has high quality material.

For starters, I would recommend going for coats in colors that are easy assorted such as black, nude, grey or white. The white coat is my favourite during the summer. After that, I’d go for pastel colors such as pink, blue or patterned coats.

But still, how do we add the coat to the summer outfits?

  • If you want an evening look, you could go for a dress (long or short) with braces or shoulderless and a comfortable coat;
  • One of my favourite combinations is the one between a long oversized coat and a pair of shorts. You could go for a shirt or a simple T-shirt during the day or a metallic top for the evening;
  • A white male coat with a cocktail dress or a pair of evening pants made out of shiny material will surely make you the center of attention;
  • If you are more daring, play with the colours. Strong colours are in top this year;
  • I think the coat worn with the sleeves rolled up is among the ones women love most, I surely do, of course :);
  • The coat in the office outfits. You could wear it while going for classic pants or flaring pants as well as for skirts or dresses;
  • Coat with large pants! Yes, I love it!

The ideas could go on forever because the coat offers us a wide range of combinations. Let your imagination run wild! Maybe the article I talked about choosing our clothes according to the shape of the body (here) will help you to buy the perfect coat for you.

This time, I decided to wear a pastel coat from Jadu with a pair of large pants with stripes. I know, lately, I developed some kind of obsession for stripess ( which can be seen on my Instagram profile @ramona.cervenciuc). I hope you like the result!

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#I wore: Jadu Coat – here ~ Berska Pants ~ Zara Shoes ~ Jadu Bag – here ~ Everbril Earrings – here

How many coats do you have in your wardrobe and what combinations do you like most?

Until my next article, hugs and kisses to everyone!®©

Be yourself, enjoy your style!

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